why i start to write

some people say it's a trend. but i don't follow trends. be it fashion or anything. so not my thing. that's why i start really late. i do what i want and i don't let people to force me to do something i don't want or don't like.

initially i just want to tell people that i eat. and i eat what i cook. that's how the name came from. people have the impression of anyone who is thinner than them never eat, extreme diet, body conscious, which so not true.

so here i am, babbling about stuff hoping that people will somehow believe me or at least understand and not putting a label on stereotypes or cliche. my favourite phrase is always, 'just because _______, doesn't mean _______' (you can fill in the blanks with whatever, haha).

in time, somehow it turns out to be a business platform when my friends suggested me to sell what i cook. the 1st thing that came to my mind is, 'do people want to buy them from me?'. i just started cooking and never had a proper lesson or even the skill because i'm a self taught.

unexpectedly, people start asking me if i sell them because they really want to buy. it was a total surprise! that's when a hobby became a career. i've made my choice. and it's the best decision i've ever made so far in my life. =)

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