cooking shows

i've been watching cooking shows since i was a kid. any kind of cooking show, just name it. i remember this one show in my childhood, me and my brother pronounce it as 'wok wi yan' but now, come to think of it, it might be 'wok with yan'. hahah. it's about this chinese guy (the chef) cooking in the wok perhaps. hehe.

growing up, i've watch countless cooking shows. hahah. competition or not, i watch them all. this show called 'kan cheong kitchen' was the most hilarious cooking show ever. you will laugh your heart out until your stomach hurts when watching it. another high-larious cooking show is private chefs of beverly hills. those chefs sure can crack a joke. hahah. and the most emotional cooking show is masterchef. seeing people with such passion in cooking really touched me. =')

i actually learn a lot by watching the cooking shows. especially when the chef or cook give tips about stuff you can't learn or not written in cookbooks. my idols are definitely jamie oliver! he's the best! my favourites also include nigella lawson, michael smith, laura calder, chuck hughes, and rocco dispirito.

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