'eat and drink, but be not excessive. indeed, He likes not those who commit excess.' - quran 7:31

'eat when you are hungry, stop before you are full' - prophet muhammad p.b.u.h

'life is too short to eat crap' - jamie oliver

‎'cook raw ingredients, not processed food' - jamie oliver's food revolution

'food revolution is about saving lives' - jamie oliver's food revolution

‎'always oil the food, not the grill' - nigella lawson. quoting jamie oliver, 'or else it will smoke like hell.'

'my cooking recipe : cooking without a recipe' - michael smith, chef at home

‎'stock comes from bone, broth comes from meat' - michael smith, chef at home

‎'who says you have to serve in a plate?' - michael smith, chef at home

‎'home kitchen and restaurant kitchen are two different worlds. in restaurant kitchen, they cook with speed.' - laura calder, french food at home

‎'i used to have everything. a boyfriend, an apartment, education behind my back, a job. one day i feel like.. i hate this. i left everything and went to cooking school.' - laura calder, french food at home

‎'food cooked in metal change the natural flavour. food cooked in terracotta preserve the natural flavour.' - laura calder, french food at home

‎'to create confidence in the kitchen, start cooking easy food' - laura calder, french food at home

‎'this is cheating : garnish something with something which is not in it. because people might think it is in the ingredient.' - laura calder, french food at home

‎'nothing can make a chef happier than an empty plate' - sasha, private chefs of beverly hills

‎'anyone can cook' - auguste gusteau, ratatouille

'when in doubt, just add butter' - julie & julia

‎'i'm a cook, not a chef. i don't tell people what to do, i show them what i do.' - poh ling yeow, masterchef australia runner-up

‎'i may not have the training and skill, but i have the passion' - adrien, masterchef US

'architecture is like culinary. first you have to know the basics. then you can do whatever you want. as long as it works. heh' - me

'chefs are like architects. they don't have to do everything but they have to know about everything.' - me

'watching your favourite chef on tv at home before you step out of the house is like listening to your favourite song on the radio in the car when you're about to park. you just don't want to leave. heh.' - me

'buying new ingredients is like getting new clothes. cooking new ingredients is like trying new clothes. =D' - me

'cooking is addictive!' - me

'when grocery shopping is much more exciting than shopping for clothes nowadays..' - me

'cooking is fun, designing is not' - me

'isn't it crazy, when i crave for something i can actually smell it! hahah!' - me

'it's fascinating when the self taught chefs are the ones who are great at cooking. i love masterchef australia! =)' - me

'if i've known that cooking is this much fun, i wouldn't have taken architecture but culinary instead. heh' - me

'cook different cuisine, you can travel the world without living the kitchen' - buddy valastro, kitchen boss

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