i never cook as a kid. the memory i have closest to cooking apart from watching the cooking shows is playing the kitchen utensils with my brother and making mess with my sisters in front of our house picking and plucking flowers to cook with. we also have been our mom's prep chef for the until now. haha. just recently i started to cook when i have the confidence in me. hehe.

watching the television program masterchef has inspired me to cook. i love to cook simple food which does not require so much technique for my close family and friends. they usually say they love my cooking. =)

there are times when i wanted to eat something at the place we usually get them but it stops producing. it actually made me start to replicate the dish i wanted to eat. and now i rarely buy food when i want to eat, i just cook them. heh.

cooking has become my passion. i love to cook. my cooking philosophy is simple and honest. my food looks the way food should be. what you see is what you get. heh. nothing fancy. most of the times, messy. hehe. and 'less is more' is a must. i go for minimum ingredient in each recipe as long as it taste the same. heh. i even substitute any ingredient i can't find or don't have. hee.

watching 'julie & julia' has really lifted my spirit to cook one recipe a day. so far i've cooked at least 50 recipes! hehe. =D. and more to come! heh.

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