am i skinny

most people think i am. but me myself, i don't think so. maybe i'm thinner than before but i'm never the thinnest. people see me as an underweight person but my bmi says i'm normal. i do believe i'm normal.

i used to be fat. well, not that fat. chubby. eyh, not that chubby. during my younger years. the secret is.. there is no secret. haha. is it the genes? or is it the jeans? no. nothing related.

it's how i eat. i pretty much eat anything but in moderation now. i don't diet. fasting is much better don't you think? heh. health is a combination of good exercise and eat right. i never trust in any product. ever.

i never care about low fat, less fat, the percentage or whatever. how can you tell? you can't right? i just buy and eat the normal ones. more tastier i guess. heh. i don't see the difference. haha. it might just be a scheme to trick you. hoho.

don't blame our body type. don't blame the food we eat. the only to blame is our eating habit. we should change that. ever seen the biggest loser? even obese people can be skinny. hee. that should be a great motivation. heh.

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