Wednesday, 26 June 2013

accident happens


salam wrt wbt & hi all!

alhamdulillah. praise be to Allah for he has given me another day to live and saved my life today. as i was driving about 4 in the evening, i saw a four wheeled drive from the opposite direction from the other side of the road somehow jump or should i say fly over the divider towards me and hit my car!

i was speechless, my mind went blank at the moment and the only thing i can think of is 'what is that?'. i tried to move away but i know i didn't have the time to do it. i know it will hit me. so this is how it feels. i always wonder. now i know. huhu.

it was only a few seconds, but that very short moment i was somehow not there, don't know what happen, didn't feel a thing as if you are in the matrix motion. hoho. time stops. then only i realize, it crashed. and i am alive! Allahuakbar!

i could taste the glass in my mouth. probably already in my stomach as it sprinkle like dust, easy to swallow? eugh. and a few pieces in my right eye. one came out after that. not sure if it is still in there. but i don't feel anything now.

i was stuck under the steering wheel, couldn't get out. the seat can't move. have to squeeze myself out. and i was limping. my car was in the middle of the road blocking both lanes. and i was about to cause a traffic jam. huhu.

as i walked to the side of the road, i saw the vehicle that hit me, it was upside down! hoho! and the people in there manage to get out of it before me. the driver was extremely worried and felt really guilty. i don't know why i don't feel sad or mad. just calm. and happy. i'm weird. i know.

i called my family, they called me, my friends called, and i manage to upload the picture and update what happen (haha, i know this is probably the craziest thing to do at this exact time, but that's what we do right these days? hihih).

the ambulance and the police came. everyone was asking if i'm okay and if i need to go to the hospital. although most of my body parts hurt, i can still walk, talk and facebook. haha. so i think i'm okay. heh. i'm worried about the order and the delivery after that! huu.

and my phone went dead. hmm, what to do? i waited. my cousin fetch me and i meet my family at the police station to settle everything. i was smiling and laughing when i told the story to them. because it was very unexpected. or maybe because it was a miracle. it was just like in the movie! when you see things are about to happen, and it happened, but to me! and i'm just like, hoo!

i went to the hospital later. the doctor checked and said i was okay. did x-ray just incase, but all is well. heh. probably i'm made of steel. hehe. no lives were taken today, everyone is still breathing. alhamdulillah!

as for that, i am now carless. haha. might not be able to do delivery for the mean time. unless i have a driver. hee. i don't think i'm afraid to drive again, but some people are worried for me and they are paranoid. huhu. so i guess, pickup only? heh.

still feel the pain here and there but insyaAllah i'll recover soon and start baking. hahah. thank you everyone for your kind words and warm wishes. you people are awesome! glad to have this circle of people around. hee. may Allah keeps us safe! amin~!

Monday, 24 June 2013

366th & 367th order!

alhamdulillah! safely delivered.

dessert : yellow velvet cupcake with cream cheese topping
total price : RM104.90
customer : mashitah
from : putrajaya

the tale of the two cupcakes


salam wrt wbt & hi!

this is what happen if you use different oven even with the same recipe. huhu. one is flatter, one is puffier. one is pale, one is burnt. never blame yourself if it doesn't turn out right. put the blame on the oven. haha.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

365th order!


dessert : strawberry kiwi chocolate pavlova
total price : RM49.60
customer : nor syafinaz
from : cheras

364th order!


dessert : strawberry pavlova
total price : RM38.15
customer : izzatul hidayah
from : damansara

363rd order!

alhamdulillah! safely delivered.

dessert : devil's food chocolate cake
total price : RM71.10
customer : siti norhazwani
from : cheras

Friday, 21 June 2013

360th, 361st & 362nd order!

alhamdulillah! safely delivered.

dessert : strawberry kiwi pavlova & cheese caramel coconut pecan pie & pecan pie
total price : RM137.85
customer : haliza
from : bangi

Thursday, 20 June 2013

358th & 359th order!

alhamdulillah! safely delivered.

dessert : summer fruits pavlova & cheese caramel coconut pecan pie
total price : RM122.40
customer : nor syazana
from : cheras

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