Monday, 28 April 2014

618th order!


dessert : pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese topping and brown sugar

customer : my mom
event : reunion

Sunday, 27 April 2014

cooking class


assalamu'alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh & hi all!

the longgggggg awaited activity. haha. remember i always wanted to have one? hehe. well, the time has come. alhamdulillah. =D

a few weeks ago, we (me and some neighbours = newly made friends, hihih, and now like best buddies, hehe) organized an event. some of you might know about this. heh.

to make story short, during those times it's so happen i met some wonderful kids. i was amazed how skillful and talented they are in so many things especially cooking! masyaAllah!

after it ended, they keep coming to my house to play. hehe. one of the days, i was baking for an order. they came and wanted to help. it was really fun!

so it came to my mind why don't i give them something to do with the club we just established (al-iman recreational club : the name is to be revised, hehe). because they can really cook!

and this is why insyaAllah it would be held this week (saturday morning 3rd may 2014) at surau al-iman in my housing area. hee. it will be taught by kids, learned by kids. from kids to kids. hehe.

okay, adults can join if they want to. hihi. do let me know if you, your kids or anyone you know are interested. hih. looking forward to see all of you! =D

pecan cupcake


assalamu'alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh & hi all!

this is supposed to be walnut cupcake. but i run out of them. hahah. using the same recipe, i just substitute the pecan. hee. 

one of the easiest recipe i must say. okay, who am i kidding. i only do easy ones. hihih. just put everything in the food processor and then, wallah! done! heh.

i skipped the cream cheese picture because i have been using the same recipe ever since i started to make one. hih.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

in the magazine?


assalamu'alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh & hi all!

no, you wouldn't get it in book stores. hehe. this is limited edition. specially for ukm students only. lucky me as an alumni, i was chosen to be in it! alhamdulillah! and i will get a copy of it. eheh. insyaAllah in october perhaps? during the graduation. hihi.

a few weeks ago, my junior in architecture, shafiq, told me that the crew wanted to interview me. they were looking for graduate who doesn't use the certificate for the career. that pretty much describe me ey. hahah. and i agreed to do it. hee.

yesterday they came to my house. i thought i would be used to it by now to talk in front of people, but no, still clumsy, running here and there, babble stuff so fast. haha. i hope they understand what i say when they hear the recording. hehe.

they were very friendly and nice masyaAllah! and young of course! my super duper junior. oh, i feel so old! haha. i hope they will all graduate with flying colours and make ukm proud. yeah!!! it's great to meet new people from different study background. heh.

they told me the purpose of this interview to inspire students to do what i do, which is changing course and stick to it. and there is so much more apart from what you learn in the university. sky is the limit. the possibility is endless.

you can do whatever you want. create your own job, be your own boss, do what you love. the choice is yours, to live your life. people can tell you what to do, but they wouldn't do it for you. listen to your heart, have the gut, find courage, persevere.

yes, there will be obstacles. yes, some people won't agree with your decision. yes, some will put you down to make you feel worthless as if you made the wrong choice. that is just how life is. it's just a test from Allah s.w.t through them to us.

but there are also people who will support you. people who believe in you when you don't even have a clue what you are doing. they lift your spirit when you are down. and if you work and pray hard, Allah s.w.t will help you, insyaAllahu ta'ala. =)

to have less stress while working is to have fun while doing it. at times we will feel tensed even if we like our job. it's practically normal. it's how we deal with it that makes all the difference. laugh about it, it won't affect you that much.

challenges come in all forms, at any time. everyone will experience this. no matter what you do or who you are. only people in the same field would know how you feel. talk to them, consult them. for advice, or just to let your heart out.

do istikharah prayers, ask Allah s.w.t for guidance. whatever you choose to do, you are destined to do it. we have a purpose in this life, a role. each and everyone of us. be the best of our version so that we can serve the people to please Allah s.w.t.

we only live once, make it good, be happy, relax. thank you so much to my junior shafiq who has given me the chance to talk about this. and his fellow friends, aishah and umar who were also in the team, you guys are awesome!!! =D

Sunday, 20 April 2014

616th & 617th order!


desserts : chocolate cupcake with chocolate butter cream & marzipan bear
total price : RM120.20

customer : liyana yasmin
from : bangi

615th order!


dessert : cheese caramel coconut pecan pie

customer : my mom
event : reunion

Thursday, 10 April 2014

611th, 612th, 613th & 614th order!


pasta : baked macaroni
total price : RM103.80

customer : roihan
from : bandar saujana putra

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